About Us
About Us

WHY ABRRA: We a lifestyle brand start up born & brought up in India. We are into personal hygiene , home care, beauty & lifestyle accessories. At ABRRA, we study human behaviour & physical reaction of utility effects of everyday beauty , lifestyle , Personal & home hygiene products. With our customise research & development* , we maximise their Utility Rejuvenation Capacity (URC), while minimising negative psyco-physical tense & traumas.

*Active Behavioural Research for Absolute Rejuvenation

WHO FOUNDED ABRRA: Susant Rout - Founder of ABRRA , came from a small village of Coastal Odisha, started his career in Delhi in 2002, worked in various positions in a reputed Modern Retail Chain of India, later ventured in wellness sector for more than a decade, with a first hand experience in preventive healthcare , leads to start ABRRA.

HOW WE STARTED: We have no awesome story, ABRRA started with a health first priority -cause, to give access to Sustainable , clean & pure natural quality, in personal care & home hygiene, which all most all of our leading MNCs are not yet offering, simply they are not caring about your health. We are trying our best to offer you best of the world , as we understand you. ABRRA is responsible, sustainable & clean towards the environment & you.

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